OEM Stick


Genuine OEM sticks that have been modified to accept my range of thumbcaps.

The modification is along the same lines as the DIY method outlined here. This process creates a threaded hole on the top of the stick and removes the original cap.

Any of my caps can then be bolted onto this stick and installed in an unmodified N64 joystick module.  This allows anyone to customize their N64 controller without needing to own a Steelstick module or getting their hands dirty with the DIY method!

The donor sticks are used but the condition of these is pristine! New or as good as new. Genuine Nintendo parts.

  • The price is for 1x stick.
  • Includes a T10 Torx driver.
  • 1x Stainless Cap Bolt (unless ordered with a cap, caps come with a cap bolt)


All gone, but I'm making more!

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