Polycarbonate Cap


A solid plastic stick cap made from polycarbonate.

Ideal if you’re looking for an¬†indestructible cap that still gives you a bit more traction compared to the relatively slipper stock N64 cap. The extra grip comes partially from the material itself, strong concentric (OEM style) grooving on top and a fine knurl patterning along the edge.

These are the latest iteration of my cap design and have a fine pattern of edge knurling for a nice amount of bite when the thumb is engaging the cap along the edge.

The knurled style is generally referred to as V3 and I’m happy to say the cap is working well for quite a few SSB64 competitive players.
If you’d rather have a smooth cap without the edge knurling I can do that too. Just select No on the Edge Knurling box below to get an OEM cap replica in clear PC.

  • Includes 1x Black Torx Cap bolt
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