N64 SteelBowl

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This is something for the DIY stick refurbisher!

Available here is a limited number of prototype or somewhat B-grade steel bowls left over from previous batches of sticks.
The outer plastic component is a refurbished N64 OEM part and the inner bowl is made from solid steel, hardened and highly polished.

I’ve only given them a quick visual and alignment check so there may still be some variability from part to part. Not usually a problem for most uses but be aware these haven’t been as rigorously checked as the A-Grade ones going into my stick modules.

They should however work well, especially for more casual play and provide some durability benefits when installed in an otherwise completely OEM joystick.
(Compatible with OEM N64 joystick modules, Kitsch-Bent aftermarket joystick parts etc

I only have a limited number of these available so once they’re gone that’s it.
If you grab one to experiment, let me know how it goes!

  • Includes 1x OEM Joystick bowl with Hardened Steel bowl upgrade installed.
  • Includes 2x Matching OEM Optical encoder wheels/li>

All gone, but I'm making more!

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2 reviews for N64 SteelBowl

  1. 4 out of 5


    i’ve found that the oem bowls wear the worst on the n64 sticks. the stick itself seems to get minimal wear. so i used one of these steel bowls, new gear set, and a worn stick with some permatex di-electric grease(i use this on all my n64 sticks) and it works great! stick has never been tighter. not even the oem is this tight. the bowl did have a small rough spot right in the center that i could feel w/ my finger nail which is why i only gave 4 stars. but if u add the grease, it should be no problem. been playing majora’s mask with it and love it! a million times better than those replacement sticks u get from ebay(i’ve tried both kinds of the ebay replacements). i oredered 2 of these bowls the 1st time and i ordered 2 more this time around. i love them. highly recommended! can wait to purchase a steel stick!

  2. 5 out of 5


    These bowls are made the same way the grade-A ones are, just not tested as well so I guess it’s just more up to chance when buying this as opposed to the grade-A bowls. There were no more grade-A bowls in stock when I was looking so I just bought a grade-B bowl. However, I have absolutely no complaints about the bowl I received. I could not find anything wrong with it. It works very well and I’m extremely satisfied with the bowl knowing it won’t wear like OEM N64 bowls do. Definitely planning on buying more of these bowls when they’re back in stock.

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