Neon Acrylic Cap


New Colours for winter 2019!

Additional caps added to match more of the Funtastic range of controller shells.

Smoke, Jungle Green and Grape!  See bottom of page for details.

A solid plastic stick cap made from brightly coloured; clear fluorescent Acrylic.

Ideal if you’re looking for a tough plastic cap that still gives you a bit more traction compared to the relatively slipper stock N64 cap. The extra grip comes partially from the material itself, strong concentric (OEM style) grooving on top and a fine knurl patterning along the edge.

The knurled style is generally referred to as V3 and is identical in form to the Polycarbonate clear variant that has been in use for quite some time.

If you’d rather have a smooth cap without the edge patterning just select No on the Edge Knurling box below. You will get a close OEM replica cap in your selected colour.

  • Includes 1x Black Torx Cap bolt
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Grape is now available!

Matching the complex deep blue/purple shade of the Grape controller shell was a challenge but it was worth the effort!

These look fantastic matched up with a Grape shell!

Jungle Green is now available!

Matching the jungle green controller has been requested a bunch so here is the first stab at it. Intended to closely match the Jungle Green controller shell.

Clear Smoke Polycarbonate is now available!

This is a translucent grey cap made from Polycarbonate and back painted to bring the brightness down. Intended to closely match the clear Smoke controller shell.

Solid Black

This is a solid/opaque black cap made from Acrylic. First black cap I’ve been able to offer and makes for a great colour match with a charcoal controller.

IceBlue cap option.

This is a Cyan cap with a secondary paint process applied to the back. It’s an exact colour match to the complex shade of the IceBlue shell!

(L-R : Clear Blue, IceBlue, Cyan)


Caps can also be fitted to OEM style sticks using the following methods.




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