OEM Cap Mod Kit


Ever wanted to mount one of my Rubber or Polycarbonate caps to an original (OEM) style N64 joystick?

This kit along with the modification instructions found Here make that possible!

This kit includes a couple of caps to experiment with. One of my very comfortable Rubberized caps (pick core material and rubber colour) and one of my solid Polycarbonate caps with edge knurling.

Also included to help you along with the mod is two worn OEM sticks. These are worn/salvaged parts not intended to be put to use but rather included to give you something to practice on before you risk damaging your good stick.
Also included is a T10 Torx driver and a pair of matching cap bolts for installation.

  • Includes 1x Choice of Rubberized Cap. All colour options in combination with Alloy and Delrin Core materials are available
  • Includes 1x Clear Polycarbonate Plastic Cap
  • Includes 2x Worn “Practice Sticks”
  • Includes 1x T10 Torx Driver
  • Includes 2x Cap bolts: Black or Silver to match your Cap selection
  • Includes a nice 2.5mm Drill and M3 spiral flute tap

The 2.5mm Drill and M3 Tap is back in Stock!
Each kit will include these two required tools while I have them in stock, I’m ordering more to have these permanently included with the kit.

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