Titanium Start Button
(Smash 64 Edition)


Yay!  These are now available to order!

Titanium Start Button – (Smash 64 Edition V2)

Follow the link above to a new listing and custom order a button with your favourite colour combination!



These are low-profile Titanium start buttons for the N64 controller.

Intended for use by smash players and similar to the other smash buttons I make except these are machined out of awesome Titanium alloy!

The bright colours are achieved through anodizing the bare metal with high voltage DC and multiple colours can be achieved on the same part by selective polishing and then re-anodizing.

I made those 8 buttons as a test while machining my regular metal buttons and learned a thing or two about machining the tricky titanium. I was however delighted with how they came out and they found homes very quickly once finished.

They’re relatively tricky to machine and time consuming to finish so I’m putting up this listing so I can get an idea of who might be interested if I decide to make any more.

If you want one of these made for yourself with¬†personalized anodizing colours then sign up for the waiting list below. If enough people are keen then I’ll dedicate some time to making another batch of these!

No commitment but please only subscribe/show interest if you are genuinely willing to buy one at the suggested price point.

Expected Price: ~$50 

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