Delrin & Rubber Cap
– New Core Colors


A cap with a light weight core machined out of Acetal/Delrin and covered in a replaceable silicone rubber sleeve for extra grip.

Offers superior comfort and excellent grip.

  • Includes 1x Black Torx Cap bolt
  • Includes 2x spare┬árubber sleeves

Caps can now be ordered with Blue, Red, Green or Yellow cores.

The cores are identical in feel and material as the orignal black Delrin/Acetal parts.

Preview images for a lot of these new colour combinations are lacking for now. Keep in mind when combining colours that many rubber sleeves are somewhat translucent and the core colours will show through to a greater or lesser extent!

i.e A Red core with a blue sleeve will combine to look somewhat purple. The clear sleeves will of course show more of the core colour.

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Instruction video on replacing the rubber sleeve (Click Here if Embedded video doesn’t load)


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