N64 SteelBowl
B – Grade –

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08-05-24 : SOLD OUT

B-grade bowls are in stock! Shipping now!

100x additional bowls listed. 

Mostly sold out. A few remaining bowls may get added back into stock as unpaid orders are cancelled.

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These are a more budget friendly option for adding a Steelbowl to your N64 controller.

The process and materials I use to make these are identical to the A-Grade bowls but they do differ in two key ways.

  1. The Plastic outer bowl is not a genuine OEM part but instead I use an aftermarket part made by Kitsch-Bent. I pre-process and deburr these quite a lot now to make installation and fitment as easy as possible!
  2. The Stainless Steel bowl has not had the heat-treatment applied and as a result is not hardened. Otherwise identically machined and just as highly polished, they’re just not quite as hard or scratch resistant.

These two small compromises make the parts less complicated to source and the bowls considerably less work to finish. That’s reflected in the price.

They shouldn’t really perform noticeable different to the A-Grade bowls, especially for more casual play and provide similar durability benefits when installed in an otherwise completely OEM joystick.
(Compatible with OEM N64 joystick modules, Kitsch-Bent aftermarket joystick parts etc

If you grab one to experiment, let me know how you like it!

  • Includes 1x KB Joystick bowl with Polished Steel bowl installed.
  • Includes Small Tube of Superlube (Silicone/PTFE Grease)

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There’s usually plenty of space left in the box when shipping bowls. Buy additional items (even in a separate order) and I’ll combine the shipping cost!



20-04-24 : IN STOCK

B-grade bowls are in stock! Shipping now!

100x additional bowls listed. 

Mostly sold out. A few remaining bowls may get added back into stock as unpaid orders are cancelled.

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B-grade bowls are in stock! 

256x listed. These will ship during APRIL

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B-grade bowls are still in stock, last batch of assembled bowls for the year until I remanufacture parts

These will ship immediately.

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B-grade bowls are finally back!

Listing 128x extras since the first lot sold fast and were shipped out quicker than anticipated!

These will ship during November.

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B-grade bowls are finally back! and will start shipping immediately in time for the holidays! 

Listed my extras since the first lot have been shipped. These will ship during November

256x are listed and those will ship immediately. If they sell out, I have extras that can be back-ordered but expect a slight delay on those going out. (Likely shipping in December)

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27-10-23 : IN STOCK 

256x are listed and those will ship immediately. If they sell out, I have extras that can be back-ordered but expect a slight delay on those going out. (Likely shipping in December)


29-04-21 : SOLD OUT

I’ve  got another batch available! 

240 B-Grade bowls are finished and ready to go. 

Expected Shipping:  Early May 2021

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I’ve  got another batch available! 

128x B-Grade bowls are ready to go. Expected Shipping:  February 2021

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9 reviews for N64 SteelBowl
B – Grade –

  1. 5 out of 5


    This thing is amazing! I’ve tried just about every replacement stick for the N64 out there and they’ve always been massive disappointments, even ones recommended as being “absolutely identical” have been way off, usually too stiff or not providing the right level of sensitivity and responsiveness.

    I’d been making do for the past few years by just adding some silicone grease to the bowl in my green N64 controller I had from new in the ’90s. While it’s never had the “pleasure” of being used with Mario Party the bowl had obviously been worn down over the years as Mario would often only walk when pushing diagonally in Mario 64 and I would struggle to scroll the screen when aiming in GoldenEye without pushing the stick very hard towards the edges.

    I think people commonly notice the looseness or grittiness that is symptomatic of worn N64 sticks but the reduction in the range of movement is a much bigger problem in many games and it happens so subtly that you don’t notice it.

    So when the SteelBowl arrived this morning I couldn’t wait to get it installed! As I mentioned I’ve been inside my N64 controller fairly regularly so I wasn’t worried about dismantling it and sure enough installing the new bowl was very quick and easy. I immediately fired up GoldenEye and was able to turn very easily when aiming, likewise a quick jet about in WaveRace 64 proved the stick was moving very smoothly and accurately.

    So in short, I believe this is the way for keeping your original N64 controllers going! It feels identical because it only replaces one part and that one part has been designed to be perfectly accurate to the original. Do your N64 a favour and get yourself one, you won’t regret it!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Kitsch Bent makes the best plastic reproduction bowls and sticks I’ve ever found. I’ve replaced OEM bowls and sticks with his and they are fantastic. This simply upgrades the thing entirely and makes an amazingly durable version of OEM with the metal. Using a plastic stick with the metal bowl means it will never scratch the bowl, since the plastic is softer. Add lube for insurance and you’ve got an ultra-long-lasting controller.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Don’t be fooled by it being B grade, this stick is miles away from any non-steel bowl alternative. It currently sits in my main controller and has held up for months upon months now. I had some issue with installation, due to some incompatible gears that I believe to have been from kitsch bent, but upon emailing the owner I was able to get it all sorted out no issue. I can’t imagine playing any substantial amount of n64 without one of these.

  4. 5 out of 5


    I just really felt the need to post a review here after receiving and installing the B grade steel bowl. It plays like a dream. I was expecting it to be good, but it’s so much better than I thought it could possibly be. For reference I’m using this for speedrunning games, mostly Mario 64, which if anyone is familiar with speedrunning N64 games, then you know how much of a pain it is to maintain / replace controller parts. So this has been the greatest thing ever for me. I am also using the original N64 stick with this and it feels like a brand new controller right out of the box, except it’s smooth as butter. 10/10 purchase!

  5. 5 out of 5


    Thank you so much, Linus!
    Just got the bowl today and after installing it I am amazed how great the stick feels. Like playing with a brand new controller, but without the fear of putting too much wear on the stick.
    As soon as they are available again I’ll order 3 more to replace the bowls of my other controllers, too!

  6. 5 out of 5


    Simply amazing! Don’t hesitate getting one if you get the chance. Subscribe to the waitlist!

  7. 5 out of 5


    Dear gamers my name is VAJ im an absolutely high quality mk64 gamer. Many controllers has past aleady and i ha e tried the steel stick ones in my life. Compaired to good original n 64 sticks i can say a recommendation.

    I look forward to get a bowl lije this and make a purchase to make surei can keep playing mariokart for a lobger time. Already 18 years now.

    A good cobtroller is the way to go.
    Make that jump and get one for your own.

    VAJ in the game

  8. 5 out of 5


    There are not many reviews for the SS64 B-Bowl considering how long they have been around. I purchased two in the past which I still have and I think we’re at the point were it’s evident that a steel bowl, whether from SS64 or not is necessary for the longevity of an N64 stick. I purchased a few more to put in other controllers. While the grade B isn’t hardened, it performs well as long as it’s lubed properly and your stick is smooth.

  9. 5 out of 5


    ive got a b-grade bowl inside my MK64 edition n64 controller, i feel ive had it for long enough to where i can make a review about it. (October of last year) with a brand new set of gears and thumbstick, oem brand new, when paired with some #92003 superlube, performed great.

    the bowl was shiny as i took it out of its packaging, i had my controller disassembled beforehand so i could be ready to install. and after i checked my tracking number it had been delivered.

    it arrived in a thin white box that was out the about the size of the actual steel bowl but wider and longer came with a tube of superlube grease, it was a nice touch for sure.

    i had taken my controller parts and greased them all up according to a visual guide, wiped the excess away, once i was satisfied with my application of the silicone grease and general fit and placement, i reassembled the module and placed it back into my controller and buttoned it up.

    the result is a controller that has never felt better in moments previous.

    its astonishing how well the controller felt in game, the stick has absolutely no play, the wiggle is insignificant about the amount of a human hair if any were to be noticed, i have a new n64 controller set aside and it has the exact same amount of play if it can even be called that.

    when the controller was plugged in, i ran a benchmark on my n64 with my everdrive and the controller lined up with the ideal score, (the specifics elude me)
    regardless of how the program thought it performed mattered little to me as the real test was going to be performed in the real world

    several games have been tested: Super Mario 64, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 64, Perfect Dark, Goldeneye 007, Starfox 64 etc,

    for Super Mario 64 my controller was being tested on smaller moments, finite jumps. and sharp angled turns. it felt flawless and my controller inputs felt correct.

    for Super Smash bros, my main goal was doing b quick left and right attacks, (my favorite kind) and making sure that the stick always returns back to the center, in all instances the controller never had issues with this.

    for Mario Kart 64 i was testing my controller for drift item throws, and seeing if i notice any issues (examples: sluggish spring back, scrape sounds and general sloshy movement) the analog stick felt great to aim with and always aimed correctly.

    Perfect dark is a game where swift movement is very important, same goes for goldeneye 007, both games felt great and i never felt like i was compromising.

    anyways i could list more but i really don’t thing its necessary.

    i aways wanted a steel bowl for my n64 ever sense i got back into playing retro games, and now I’ve got one, plan on eventually upgrading all of my n64 controllers to a steel bowl or perhaps a full module when the waiting list has room.

    im happy with what arrived and would buy more and even suggest my friends buy them.

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