Titanium Start Button
(Regular Height Engraved)


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Each button will be made to order and individualized based on your selection.  Limited first run to see how things pan out.

These are regular height Titanium Start buttons for the N64 controller.

Individually machined from solid Grade 5 Titanium alloy, 3D engraved and hand finished. The bright colours are achieved through etching and anodizing the bare metal with a range of DC voltages.

Multiple colours and many, many colour combinations can be achieved on the same part by selective masking, re-machining and re-anodizing.

Just survey the charts to find your perfect colour combo.


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General Notes:

  1. I’ve done my best to capture the anodized colours in the preview chart but there will undoubtedly be some variation when it comes to achieving these same colours on metal.
  2. The anodizing is done to order and I need to set up a batch of them to anodize at once. Expect some delay in getting these ready.
  3. Due to the nature of the two step anodizing process, some colour combinations are more complicated to achieve that others, that is reflected in the price. Consult the price chart and keep that in mind when making a selection.

Tips on selecting colours:

  1. All colour combinations shown on the charts are technically possible. Just select your ideal colour scheme from there and I’ll do my best to achieve that look for you.
    My general recommendation is to go for a strong contrasting colour combination for the best visual effect.
  2. Colours in the lower voltage range 02 – 06. ie Bronzes, Deep purples and Transition Blues are very bright when clean but will be dulled in appearance somewhat once they come in contact with oils from your fingers.
    As a result I would generally recommend putting those more “sensitive” colours in the background. That way they are less likely to be contaminated and will remain bright in use. Or you can pick a similar colour from higher up the range to achieve the look you’re after.
  3. Colours 07 – 13 and Polished 01 are not affected as much by oil contamination. These make ideal choices for the Logo/Top surface.

Colour Guide:

  1. Bare/Polished Titanium
  2. Light Bronze
  3. Bronze
  4. Bronze/Purple
  5. Deep Purple
  6. Purple/Blue (Transition colour, Great match for Grape Controller Shell)
  7. Deep Blue
  8. Light Blue
  9. Blueish/Yellow
  10. Yellow/Gold
  11. Salmon Pink
  12. Deep Pink
  13. Green


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